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Important Things To Consider This Winter For Your Pup

Some dogs may hate the winter, and some may love it; no matter the case, it is essential to keep your pup safe when heading outside in the cold temperatures this season.

The cold and dry air can cause dogs to have dry and itchy skin, cracked paws, or discomfort during walks. This winter, it is essential to take extra care of your pup’s paws from the ice-melting chemicals found outside on walks that are harmful when left on their skin.

Luckily, we will talk about what to be extra cautious about and the products to use to take care of your pup this season.



Grooming is essential to keeping your pup comfortable and healthy this winter. If your pup has long hair, you must care for their paws by trimming the hair between their paw pads. This is important as there can be painful balls of ice that form on their paws; it will also reduce the amount of ice-melting chemicals that the hairs can collect, making it easier for you to apply moisturizing balm after walks.

Groom your dog’s coat by brushing it regularly to remove dead hair and distribute natural oils throughout.

Less Bath Times

Keeping your pup’s paws clean is very important; however, it is necessary for these cold months to not overdo it with your pet’s baths. Frequent washing can remove essential oils on your pup’s coat and can dry out your pup’s skin. When you wash your pup, we recommend using Dr. Dan’s Cleansers as they are gentle and moisturizing to your pup’s skin.

Tick Season

If you venture upstate or into grassy and wooded areas, be sure to check your pup for ticks, as ticks are active any time the temperature is above freezing. As temperatures are rising due to climate change, ticks have become increasingly active and have allowed certain species of ticks to migrate from the South to the North. Be sure to apply FrontLine to your pup this season and wait 48 hours for it to dry into their skin before cuddling with them.

Paw Protection

To keep paws clean, be sure to thoroughly wash your pup’s paws with a warm towel that is damp with water and a cleanser. We recommend using Dr. Dan’s Cleansers as they are made with Lanolin which helps moisturize your pup’s paws.

Once the paw has been cleansed and dried off, you can apply a paw balm or Vaseline to soothe any irritation or treat dryness. Avoid human moisturizers as these can soften paws and increase the chance of injury.

It is also important not to forget about your pup’s nails as it is essential to trim them all year, especially during the winter. Long nails have less traction for their paws and will splay your pup’s paws, making it easier for irritants to get in between their pads.

It may be silly for your pup to wear booties; however, they can minimize the contact between your pup’s paws and the irritating chemicals on the street.



Dog’s have sensitive skin, and it is often easy to forget about this as they have fur, but after your pup is outside in the cold and then returns to the warmth of your home, the dry air inside can cause your dog to have dry and itchy skin. If this is an issue with your pup, you should consider getting a humidifier to control the humidity in your home.