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Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Month – February 2022

Pet Dental Month takes place every February and reminds owners to prioritize their pet’s dental health. Regularly checking on you pet’s dental heath is essential as this will significantly prevents oral problems that they can develop in the future.

Signs to bring your pet to the vet for a dental check include red gums, stinky breath, or yellow teeth these problems can lead to an oral disease if left untreated. Pets who may be developing gingivitis or other oral diseases may paw at their face/mouths frequently is another sign to bring in your pet for a check-up.


Pet Dental Month Checklist:

1. Make An Appointment With Your Veterinarian For A Check-Up

Taking your pet to the veterinarian regularly will promote your pet’s wellbeing and especially great dental health. During your appointment your veterinarian will examine your pets’ mouth and overall health to check to see if your pet may need any treatments. 


2. Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Softly brush your pet’s teeth using an animal toothbrush or your ring finger. Use a toothpaste formulated for pets or peanut butter and Dr. Dan’s Pet Care Toothpolish to gently scrub your pets’ pearly whites. Be sure to not use toothpaste that is formulated for humans as these formulas contain too much fluoride and can be toxic to pets. 


3. Extra Measures

Support your pet’s dental hygiene by feeding them a balanced diet. Animal’s mouths have their own self-cleaning system and this needs to be supported by what they consume. The best foods for pet’s oral health will say (VOHC) Veterinary Oral Health Care on the packaging. 


Dr. Dan's_Animal _Toothpolish

Why is Pet Dental Month Important?

Our pets bring us a huge amount of joy and this month is the time to look out for our best friends. A pet’s dental health is important for their overall health and poor dental care can lead to other issues down the road and an unhealthy pet is an unhappy pet.

Any oral discomfort that your pet may be experiencing will cause them a lot of stress and checking-up on your pet’s teeth and fixing any problems they have will make them much happier and improve their quality of life. 

 This month is a reminder to check in on our pets and even though we love our pets we often do not recognize the signs that they can be experiencing discomfort with their teeth. Pet Dental Health Month is a great reminder to let your veterinarian check-up on them and make sure they are the happiest they can be! 

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