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What to Look for in a Dog Bed

Dogs sleep on average 12-18 hours a day, depending on age, and this is the majority of the day. It is important to get your pup a bed of their own so they can relax in a spot dedicated for them. The most important aspects of a dog bed are size/shape and the support/texture of the bed. Dogs need a good night of sleep too and dog’s that have higher quality sleep in a 2017 study of Scientific Reports stated that when dogs got better sleep their memory improved and they became smarter. Dog beds are also important because this is a spot that your dog can feel relaxed in your home.


The first step to do before shopping for a dog bed is to measure the length of your pet and gather the dimensions of your dog to assess the sizes of dog beds that you believe will best fit your pup.

The second step is to watch your dog sleep, do they curl up or stretch out? Most pets sleep in different positions but you should watch your pets sleeping behavior to purchase the best shape of dog bed. For example a round dog bed is best for dogs that like to curl up whereas a larger rectangular dog bed is best for a dog that likes to stretch out.


The third step is to choose the texture/feel of the bed. If your dog is on the older side it is important to have a dog bed that supports their age-related health problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues. This type of dog bed will also support joints of developing puppies. It is also important to have a machine washable friendly bed in case there are any accidents.

To get your dog used to being in the bed it is important to note that it will take time and placing an old shirt on the bed for a few days to get your dog used to the scent is a good idea. Also placing the bed In a social area of your home. Putting the bed where you are will make them feel more comfortable and they just want to be with you.

With the perfect dog bed choice your pup will have great sleep and feel amazing!