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Baby girl running with beagle dog in backyard in summer day

Make Sure Your Pet’s Identity is Protected This Summer with a Microchip


Microchips are an effective method for identifying pets. Microchips are safe, unalterable, and permanent identification for pets. Once the microchip procedure is completed, your pet is identified for life.

Inserting the microchip is simple and causes minimal or no discomfort. The microchip comes preloaded in a syringe and is ready for insertion. The entire procedure takes less than 15 seconds. Post-injection reactions are not common, and the microchip will remain in place permanently.

A scanner is used to identify your pet’s microchip. It is a hand-held device used to detect the identification key encoded in the microchip. The scanner passes over your pet, specifically the area between the shoulder blades. If a microchip is present, the scanner reads the 10-digit number (encoded in the microchip). Scanners are provided to animal control, humane shelters, and other rescue organizations, making sure that all stray pets are scanned, and those with microchips are quickly reunited with their owners.

We also recommend updating your personal information with the microchip database regularly. It is also advisable to have your veterinarian test the microchip annually to ensure that it appropriately transmits data. It is always best to be safe if there is ever a moment of separation between you and your pet.